Life Skills Club (Cheesecake) 10/10/18

Last Wednesday at the Vennie’s Life Skills Club the young people made some Cheesecake. This was contained within an individual beaker. The young people that attended look like they had a great time and had lots of fun as well.


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Vennie Friday Club Dancing 12/10/18

Boogying on down with the Vennie young crew on Friday.

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Vennie Girls Club Halloween masks 11/10/18

Last Thursday’s Girls Group saw them making and painting Halloween masks, in preparation for forthcoming activities.
‘Big concentration levels’

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Life Skills Club (Empire Biscuits) 03/10/18

Today at the Vennie Life Skills Club the young people had a fantastic evening decorating and designing their own Empire Biscuits. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the night. Next week they will be making different kinds of cheese cake, so get yourself along to join in the fun.. :-)

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Girls club Bangour outing 13/09/18

Last Thursday the Vennie girls club went to Bangour which is a old psychiatric hospital opened on October 1906 in Livingston and was used to treat patients just after World War 1. It was good for the group to sample a bit of local history.

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Vennie cooking (Oreos, Spicy rice and pork loins) 12/09/18

The Vennies life skills class on Wed 12.09 made Orios, spicy rice and pork loin. Cooking and measuring ingredients then enjoying the results of their hard labour.

Vennie slime making 20/09/18

This is our lates batch of young scientists at the Vennie Girls Group last Thursday. Carrying out some fun experiments.
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Vennie’s got talent practice begins! 21/09/18

Young people participated in a fabulous afternoon last Friday 21.09.18 at practice for the Vennie’s got talent show. This is a brilliant opportunity for our young people to showcase their talents in front of their peers. It also helps them to challenge, combat and overcome their fears. It’s wonderful for confidence building for the future. What a talented group of young people we have.


Vennie Halloween Drawing competition 28/09/18


The Vennie ran an art session on Friday 28/09 at the Club. It had a halloween theme. Staff & volunteers acted as judges to select top 4 drawings. We then encouraged young people to vote on their top drawing amongst the 4 using a jenga block each. This was democracy in action allowing young people to cast votes in a secret ballot to select their peers drawings and who they preferred best.

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Girls Club Bingo & Curry Night 13/09/18

Last Thursday (13/09) at the Vennie’s girls club they had an amazing night. First up was a game of bingo. They had to use communication, listening skills and remember the numbers called out. After that it was time to prepare and eat some delicious curry. Most young people enjoyed the night and had a great time!