Saturday Night Banquet Outing 18/08/18

Saturday evening marked the end of the four week pilot sessions of the Vennie’s Saturday Night Club. This was a partnership with The Vennie Knightsridge and West Lothian Council Youth service to run a senior youth club (12+).
As an end of project treat, young people that attended the pilot sessions got to go on a banquet dining experience in Livingston. The young people had a great time trying all kinds of unique foods and drinks that they may not have tried before. Here is some photos from the outing…

Vennie summer club karaoke day 17/08/18

Today at the Vennie’s Summer Club the young people had a karaoke day filled with music and the beautiful voices of the young people. Most of the young people joined in and sung. Here are some of the photos…









Girl’s Club cupcake making 15/08/18

Also last night at the Vennie’s Girls club they made some yummy Cupcakes. Most of the young people had to use there math’s skills and measurement skills to help make the Cupcakes here is some of the photos…


Girls club Pamper night 16/08/18

Last night at the Vennie’s Girls Club. The young people had a pamper night with nail polish and makeup. Most of the young people joined in and had a good night getting a makeover.


Practice for the Vennie Showdown begins!! 16/08/18

Today the Vennie’s young people started practicing for the upcoming Vennie showdown (talent show). Some of the young people got up and sung or danced. It was fun and a good exercise. Here are some of the photos…


Wednesday Skills Club 15/08/18

Yesterday at the Life Skills Club the young people made spaghetti Bolognese and Chilli con carne with rice. All the young people enjoyed prepping, cooking their own food and sitting down to eat together. All the young people had to use math’s, measurements, teamwork and building their confidence to make and finish the dish.


Dance Competition 09/08/2018

Today at the Vennie summer club the young people had a dance competition. prizes were given for the best dancers. everyone had fun and enjoyed the music

August Litter Pick 02/08/18

Boy what a day! We estimate close to 100 bags of litter collected by the amazing folks in Knightsridge in 1 hour. Not to mention the half car, mattress, sideboard, traffic cones, concrete, supermarket trolley etc found dumped around our area and in the woods.

Massive thanks to Joan and Colin slaving away in the kitchen to make sure the army of 65 volunteers were well fed.

I look forward to seeing any photos you took on the rounds.

Great community sprit guys and what an effort!





Summer Water Day 06/07/18

Some pics from today’s water fight at the Vennie! Kids making the most of the good weather 


Eliburn Park C.L.R 12/07/18

Today some of the young people from the Vennie Summer Club went on a cycle led ride to Eliburn Park. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.