Skate Park

Young people skated at the Vennie on the disabled ramp outside the Vennie building.  They approached the Manager (Tom Heron) and asked if they could get their own skate park. It was pointed out that there had been a lot of investment recently in the adventure park and the Vennie building, so the likelihood of securing funding for a Skatepark was somewhat unlikely.  However Tom introduced the skaters to Andrew Miller (Councillor) and posed him the question of the Skatepark.  Councillor Miller listened intently. Eventually we were able to secure an underspend in the Councils budget and the Skatepark began construction.  Here is a link to the ‘Our Skatepark’ video that tells the story in depth which was made in conjunction with Historic Scotland: › Scotland’s Urban Past

Through this we were invited to Built Environment Forum Scotland’s (B.E.F.S,) Conference on Heritage and Diversity:

Adventure Park

Outside the Vennie there is an Adventure park for the young people to play and enjoy being outside. The Adventure Park is targeted at older young people and not necessarily for children. The adventure park is full of play equipment for the young people to play on including a Fire Fox, swings and climbing equipment and much more.

Community Garden

The Vennie’s Community Garden is located near Mosswood Community Centre just across the playing field from the Vennie. The Community Garden is full of plants, fruits and vegetables which can be given out to the residents of Knightsridge. The Community Garden is also where the Vennie hold their annual Santa’s grotto which is turned into a winter wonderland.

Playing Fields

Outside the Vennie there is also a playing field which is used for all type of activities from sunbathing to football games and sport.


We have a clubhouse where you can come with your mates and chill out, use computers, play pool, play Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, watch TV and other equipment.