Life Is For Livingston – Art Project

We recently completed a photography/research project with some members of our skateboard team. The small project was celebrating Livingston’s 50th anniversary. The young people discussed the possible direction of their project in relation to the Livingston Heritage and Archive Project. They were keen to pursue a brand for their skate park and to create art work on to skateboard decks which is relevant to both the history of Livingston and their own involvement with the Vennie skate park. They created some basic ideas for their branding, and were asked to look at the work of Toby Paterson as inspiration for their deck designs. The group worked extensively through a process to create images for the base of their skateboards. Each member of the group came up with a design which was transferred in to print then on to the base of their skateboard. The group was asked to display their work at an exhibition held at Howden Park Centre, Livingston, that also featured other groups work to celebrate Livingston’s 50th birthday. This is a fine example of the diverse range of work with young people that we embark upon at The Vennie.

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