The Vennie Graffiti Art Project

October 2012 saw the opening of our own skate-park and it looked great and is well used but there was something missing some colour! To carry on with our work we had completed with the Vennie Skate Team, we had an idea that would involve them and other young people from the Vennie to take part in a graffiti art project. This project would be rather ambitious but doable. It would involve decorating the Vennie building and the skatepark at the same time. The building needed a facelift, as it had been years since the last graffiti project. It felt that it would be ideal to repaint the building, and brighten up the skatepark. It would be fantastic to involve the young people too. We got in contact with Spectrum Arts, Edinburgh, and asked them if they would be interested in painting a mural on the building and skate park. We wanted a workshop with the young people too. They were eager to help, and so we applied for funding through the Alcohol Diversionary Fund from Livingston North. We had our bid accepted and endorsed by the L.A.C. The young people were asked to draw their ideas on paper first, then discuss them and by using a democratic process, voted on what would go on the wall/park. They learned about the creative process. Painting a mural does not just happen, sketches have to be made, and the design and colour scheme have to be planned in advance. All the young people had a go at spray painting, and how to do this was explained fully, to keep in line with health and safety procedures. The girls and boys really enjoyed the experience. After a consultation session, some young people went home and drew some more designs. They were very excited and inspired at seeing their ideas on the walls of The Vennie. They worked well with the graffiti artists, and listened well to what they could and could not do. They took instruction on how to use a spray can, and had fun painting all day. Even though there was heavy rain, everyone was still enthusiastic and wanted to help with the project. Through being a part of this project, the young people enhanced their creative talent and developed their artistic skills. It enabled them to express themselves. By creating a bright and colourful mural, it gave them enjoyment and also other peoples enjoyment of the piece. They developed transferable skills, not only in the art process but for life too. These would be communication, team work, working individually, concentrating, evaluation, leadership, thinking outside the box and so on.


Graffiti Art Project

The Vennie has been successful in attracting a piece of funding from the alcohol diversionary fund through W.L.C. to redecorate the graffiti art on the Vennie building and a new graffiti art project for the Vennie skate-park. This will involve our own skaters designing and creating the art work for this project. The funding was recently
endorsed at the L.A.C.